How to define Blade Performance
As any purchasing professional will tell you, it's not the price coming in that counts, it's the cost going out. In the steel cutting industry the cost of the blade (or sharpening charge) is just the starting point. What you really need to know is how well that blade performed: how many square inches did the blade cut before it needed repairs? When you calculate the cost per square inches cut, you have a true picture of your cutting costs. And a solid basis for evaluating your blade suppliers.

How to assure Blade Performance
Over the years, blades from Steel Cutters have shown superior performance with every customer we serve. Our reports have proven a reduction in their cutting costs of at least 10% and as much as 60% in some cases.

Why do blades from Steel Cutters outperform the competition?  Our service starts with state-of-the-art equipment run by a team of seasoned professionals.   Our commitment to performance means that each blade goes through a thorough inspection upon arrival.  All gullets and shoulders are reground and polished.   When necessary, blades are pocketed and new tips are brazed in.

Another important operation is our smithing service.  Each blade is hammered to remove any run out and to put proper tension back into the blade.  If smithing is not performed properly, vibration in the blade will make it cut unevenly and cause tips to fall out reducing blade life.

Following smithing, each blade is precisely ground on the front, side and top, polished and then put through a rigorous final inspection.

As you can see, we put more effort into each blade to make sure that you get more out of it.  More than a claim though, we are willing to back up our performance in black and white.

We offer a computerized blade performance report that logs your cutting data with our repair charges.  The result is an analysis of cost per square inch - a true monitor of cutting performance and productivity.  And we will provide this information on every blade you send to us.

Performance Plus
Steel Cutters offers the kinds of services you expect from your blade supplier: new blades, sharpening services, and weekly pick-up and delivery in our trading area.  What's more, we offer a new type of repair service: the burr-free blade.  We developed this type of grind to improve billet handling in your operation.   With no rough edges, the cut piece will move trouble free through your conveying system and help reduce the nicks and cuts suffered by your operators.  Best of all, there is no extra charge for the burr-free blades.  In addition, we also have others grinds to fit your cutting needs.  If you would like to improve the quality of your blades while reducing your cutting costs, contact the performance people!