Here are just a few of the benefits that you receive by allowing Steel Cutters to service your blades:

  1. The Highest Performing Blades in the Industry:  Our years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedicated personnel maximize your blade performance.

  2. Modern Software to track your Blade Performance:  We don't just tell you that our blade perform better!  We will show in black and white that they do!  Our modern computer systems track your blades' performance from purchase to the most recent repair.

  3. Coming Soon! The Bladeware On-line System:  We want to give you all the information you need 24 hours a day/7 days a week!  Our Bladeware system provides you the most recent performance, cost, inventory, delivery information, and more!

  4. Customer Maintenance Program:  We understand that a poorly maintained saw does not perform to its maximum capabilities, so we implemented the CMP to help our customers maintain their equipment.  That's Right!   WE PAY YOU to maintain and repair YOUR equipment.

  5. Replacement Program:  In order to keep your blade inventory level consistent, we track your blades and replace scrapped blades with appropriate blades immediately.  Thus, you can be sure that you will blades when you need them!

  6. Custom Grinds:  We invented the burr-free grind in order to satisfy customer needs.  If one of our numerous grinds does not fulfill your needs, we will create one that will!

  7. Free Pickup and Delivery:  Our trucks run weekly routes in our service area, so you do not incur expensive shipping costs.

  8. Advice, Information, and Alerts:  We use our steel cutting experience and computer data to help solve problems before they get started.  If your sawing performance decreases, we will help you diagnose why and recommend steps to correct the situation.

  9. Feed and Speed Rate Recommendations:  We can help you determine the optimal material feed rate and saw RPM in order to maximize your cutting performance!

  10. Saw Brokering:  We have many contacts in the steel cutting industry, so if you need to increase your capacity, we can help you find a new or used saw that will meet your needs.